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Walla Walla Cnty Land
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December 04

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AC79+AC to 1.58+AC



Beginning with the Walulla Junction Property and therafter from west to east .

Parcel: 31-07-26-32-00-06

Located at Wallula Junction (Highway 12 and Highway 730), this parcel includes a former convenience store, living quarters and 47 foot + or - illuminated billboard. The parcel consists of two non-contiguous, separate pieces of land totally approximately 1.58 acres. View of the Columbia River.

Parcel: 32-07-30-43-00-03 and Parcel: 32-07-32-21-00-03

Located approximately 3 miles east of Wallula Junction off Highway 12 via Lambdin Road. These parcels are approximately 79.09 and 67.5 acres respectively.

Parcel: 32-07-21-31-00-05

Bordered by the Walla Walla River to the southeast, the property consists of approximately 14.7 acres and is contiguous to Parcel 32-07-21-31-00-08.

Parcel: 32-07-21-31-00-08

Bordered by the Walla Walla River to the North the property consists of approximately 36.9 acres. Located approximately 4.5 miles east of Wallula Junction. Oasis Road, the turn-off for Cameo Heights Mansion Bed and Breakfast, runs through the property and provides access off Highway 12. It is contiguous to Parcel 32-07-21-31-00-05

Parcel: 32-07-23-32-00-02

Approximately 14 acres bordered by the Walla Walla River to the West. Located 6.3 miles east of Wallula Junction at Highway 12 and Byrnes Road (Nine Mile Bridge).
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