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The Accelerated Marketing Group (AMG) is a full service real estate auction, brokerage and advisor company.  We offer Conventional and Auction broker services; and we also offer Receivership and Consulting services.  AMG has enjoyed a history of very strong relationships with several real estate companies and we have been key contributors to their success by enabling them to offer their clients services beyond their core brokerage service.  This provides our partners with a competitive advantage over their local brokerage companies since our partners are able to offer alternatives to their clients not available from competitors.   When our partners bring AMG in to present alternative programs to a prospective or existing client, they bring a proven expertise with a demonstrated track record of success.

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Imagine being able to say to your prospect "Our company can offer you a proven, alternative way of selling your property by means of accelerated marketing where you control the terms of sale and you control the timeline. Would you like to hear more?"   This enables our partners to elevate themselves in their client's perception, and to immediately have increased credibility. From there, developing a prospect to a client becomes easier.

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